The pros of remote working for employees

As the pandemic has progressed, remote working has increased in both necessity and popularity, offering workers a way to maintain their income with less risk of contracting COVID-19, and giving business owners a hand in realising the benefits of their employees working from home. So in today’s post, we’ll be discussing The pros of remote working […]

Signs it’s time to start outsourcing

It might seem obvious, but not everyone recognises the signs of stress that inevitably come hand in hand with running your own business, no matter how big or how small. It’s so important, for both your own health and the health of your business, to recognise when it might be time to reach out for […]

Working from home with kids

working from home with kids

We know just how difficult it can be to juggle work, kids and everything life tends to throw at you when working from home. We promise you that it does get easier, as you become more comfortable with the change, and as your kids adapt to the excitement of you being at home more!  The […]

Business Productivity & Virtual Assistants

Business Productivity & Virtual Assistants

When it comes to business, we’re always looking for the next best way to save more money, create better systems and improve our client and customer experience. So, what is all the hype around the VA role about, and what aspects of your business are missing out by not jumping on the trend that’s clearly […]

Different Types of Virtual Assistants

The role of the Virtual Assistant is as flexible as it is versatile, with plenty of roles focussed specifically on one job or another. Today, we want to go through the different types of Virtual Assistants you will come across on your journey, and the differences between them. This is mostly based on industry. Social […]

Burnout vs Fatigue & How to Manage Them

Burnout vs Fatigue. We’ve all been there before. And amidst the enormous amount of work it took to get to this stage, you’re probably wondering – “will I ever feel normal again?” The answer – that you’ll be happy to hear – is yes. You absolutely will feel like your normal self again… eventually. For […]

Join Our Team!

Joing our team

Here at Zest, our highest values are honesty, open communication and trust. We love the opportunity that the Virtual Assistant role has given our team – it’s opened our lives up to being more in control of our earnings, spending more time with our loved ones and being able to enjoy life, like we were […]

Must-do’s for Mindset Maintenance

We LOVE talking about mindset, especially when it comes to how our mindset can effect our business. A strong, healthy mindset is one of THE most important things to maintain. If you’re not operating at your best, neither will your business. So, what can we do to make sure we are at the top of […]

Managing Your Remote Team Effectively

It’s strange, isn’t it – how quickly we’ve moved from the traditional office workspace to a virtual one? As strange as it’s been, it’s also been absolutely necessary for most businesses, as they navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic. Working remotely hosts many benefits for your availability as a business owner, your employees, your business’ productivity, […]

7 best apps for your business in 2021

Starting a business can be a monumental task, but scaling a growing your business is an entirely different story. From lead generation to staying focussed, here are the top 7 ways to grow your business in 2021. Know your customers & identify their unmet needs You’ve been marketing to them, selling to them, and hopefully […]