Business Productivity & Virtual Assistants

Business Productivity & Virtual Assistants

When it comes to business, we’re always looking for the next best way to save more money, create better systems and improve our client and customer experience. So, what is all the hype around the VA role about, and what aspects of your business are missing out by not jumping on the trend that’s clearly here to stay? Let’s figure out exactly how much more productive your business would be, and exactly what the link is between Business Productivity & Virtual Assistants.

Less stress, more focus.

Virtual assistants are a great asset in relieving everyday stress that you really don’t need. They provide you with an extra pair of hands, that is ready and willing to take off some of the pressure, leaving you with more free time and energy to invest in and improve your business, where it needs it most. 

Getting organized.

We know that getting organized can really seem an impossible task, amidst the everyday business bustle and ongoing intensity, and especially when you need it most. The addition of a VA to your team not only means you have a fresh perspective and opinions, but they have an incredible knack for identifying problems and implementing solutions and have experience with so many different organizational frameworks. They can help you implement new company procedures, and set up virtual workspaces so that you can track the progress of any given task or employee at any time.

Taking your business to the next level.

Even the most organized will reach a tipping point, where you truly don’t have enough hours in the day to do everything you feel needs to be done. This is true of most small businesses and places a limit on your earnings. The only way to take your business (and your earnings) to the next level, is to hire extra resources – in this case, a Virtual Assistant! 

Bogged down with recurring, daily tasks?

Cue the Virtual Assistant. This is exactly why the role came about – to relieve you of that very stress! We know, as a business owner, that you just don’t have the time to check your emails every 5 minutes or follow up on all your clients every day, or post on social media as often as you need to beat the newest algorithm. Don’t waste any more time trying (but failing) to do everything. Reach out for a virtual helping hand! 

Save a whole lot on extra costs!

From employee overheads to incremental costs, the VA role really helps to soften those blows. Firstly, you’re only ever charged for the work completed, and either as a package or hourly. All the work will be tracked and timed as well, giving you the chance to work out exactly how your money is being spent. Additional costs like hiring extra office space, utilities used, and even formalities like holiday and sick pay, are no longer a worry. These savings can also be injected straight back into your business.

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