How to successfully communicate with your VA

“What is the most important element of a successful relationship between client and VA?” We hear you ask! Without a shadow of a doubt, we answer COMMUNICATION! You see, the importance of communication can never be underestimated. The quality of the results you get is largely down to how well you have outlined the tasks […]

5 common pitfalls that come with hiring a VA (and how to avoid them)

Have you ever worked with a VA before? How did you find it? We spoke to somebody the other day and they were telling us about an awful time they had with their VA, we were SHOCKED! We’ve built incredible relationships with our clients so to hear how disappointed this person was confused us. It […]

Is it possible to trust a virtual assistant?

One of the smartest business decisions you can make is to hire a VA who can take on some of your workload enabling you the room to grow and find that work-life balance. It’s smart but it can also be incredibly nerve-wracking. Understandably, trust is a HUGE factor when it comes to outsourcing. The chances […]

Virtual Assistants: What do they do and how to hire one

It’s natural that as a company grows in size, their business demands also increase. Business owners find themselves working longer and longer hours to stay on top of daily tasks. In this position business owners are faced with 3 options… The vast majority of businesses want to grow, so option 1 doesn’t appeal. Option 2, […]

Remote working: the top 4 benefits

Rewind a couple of years and very few people would have understood much about remote working. However, in the last few years working from home is something many were forced into due to Covid and surprising benefits were discovered. Many companies now want to continue to enjoy the benefits that come from remote work and […]

Different Types of Virtual Assistants

The role of the Virtual Assistant is as flexible as it is versatile, with plenty of roles focussed specifically on one job or another. Today, we want to go through the different types of Virtual Assistants you will come across on your journey, and the differences between them. This is mostly based on industry. Social […]

Join Our Team!

Joing our team

Here at Zest, our highest values are honesty, open communication and trust. We love the opportunity that the Virtual Assistant role has given our team – it’s opened our lives up to being more in control of our earnings, spending more time with our loved ones and being able to enjoy life, like we were […]

Managing Your Remote Team Effectively

It’s strange, isn’t it – how quickly we’ve moved from the traditional office workspace to a virtual one? As strange as it’s been, it’s also been absolutely necessary for most businesses, as they navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic. Working remotely hosts many benefits for your availability as a business owner, your employees, your business’ productivity, […]

7 best apps for your business in 2021

Starting a business can be a monumental task, but scaling a growing your business is an entirely different story. From lead generation to staying focussed, here are the top 7 ways to grow your business in 2021. Know your customers & identify their unmet needs You’ve been marketing to them, selling to them, and hopefully […]

Getting the most out of your VA

Getting the most out of your VA

Whether you’ve recently hired a Virtual Assistant, are looking to outsource or have had a bad experience in the past – we’re here to tell you exactly how you can be getting the most out of your VA. Are they the right VA for you? The first thing we would do – is our research! […]