Cutting costs by using a Virtual Assistant

Remote working, to most business owners, can seem a daunting and almost unmanageable step for any business to take. With remote working comes letting go of responsibility and control, and relying more on trust and individual efficiency than micro-management. 

Not only will this exercise be good for you as a leader and your business, but it will also be extremely good for you to start understanding that it is possible to save money and increase your business’ productivity at the same time.

You’re probably wondering how that equation might work – more work done, for less money? We must be dreaming!

Well, we’re happy to tell you, we’re definitely not, and nor are the thousands of companies making use of Virtual Assistants.

Here are just a few ways hiring a virtual assistant can save your business money while increasing your output and efficiency. 

  1. Salary vs Rates – Although initially, hourly rates may seem high, you need to think about the costs you pay for when hiring a full-time employee. Things like tax, benefits and office equipment all add up, as well as sick pay and holiday pay. A virtual assistant covers all of their own expenses and invoices you monthly for works completed.

  2. Productivity – A huge contributing factor to saving businesses money is the productivity of your workforce. As of 2020, 91% of workers felt more productive when working from home. Stats also show that throughout an eight-hour workday, the average office worker is only productive for about two hours and 53 minutes. When hiring a full-time employee, you have to really consider what you’re paying for. When hiring a virtual assistant, you have more assurance that you’re paying for productive work.

  3. Not a second to lose – Virtual Assistants and remote workers are great at tracking their time and do it through various different apps including TimelyHubstaff and TimeTrack. This is a surefire way of making sure that every penny you spend is accounted for. 

  4. Flexibility – Virtual Assistants work around you, your business, your budget and your goals. Unlike full-time employees, you have no obligation to your Virtual Assistant, except communication. If you find you don’t have as much work for your VA as the month before, then that’s fine! You are not bound by an employment contract or expectations. 

  5. We do what you don’t want to – A lot of the time, Virtual Assistants are a great aid when it comes to making sure that those mundane but absolutely necessary everyday tasks are being completed. Instead of wasting time and money delegating small, ad hoc tasks to your full-time team, hand them over to your VA. Click here to read more on the kind of tasks you could be delegating.

  6. Stepping up – Overall, Virtual Assistants come with many benefits to businesses and their owners. As well as saving time, money and energy, hiring a Virtual Assistant gives you the chance to start focussing on your team. Is there clearly a need for more of your presence and guidance within your business?

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