Getting the most out of your VA

Getting the most out of your VA

Whether you’ve recently hired a Virtual Assistant, are looking to outsource or have had a bad experience in the past – we’re here to tell you exactly how you can be getting the most out of your VA.

  1. Are they the right VA for you?

The first thing we would do – is our research! As amazing as most Virtual Assistants are, it is possible to come across a few that may not give you the best vibes. Don’t be put off of the industry as a whole. Rather make sure your VA gives you a good feeling right from the get-go, and that they specialize in the skillset you’re looking for. Most importantly, trust your gut! We promise the perfect VA for your business is out there!

2. Ensure your new VA is familiar with your SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). 

These give a clear directive to your VA, as well as free up the time you would have had to spend re-explaining a given task. It also enables them to complete work quicker and more efficiently, which is in turn, better for your business!

3. Over-communicate! Mistakes take time to rectify, and time is money. 

Make sure your communication is clear, concise, and detailed to help your VA avoid making mistakes. Don’t be worried about communicating too much. The more information your VA has or has access to, the better for both of you. 

4. Start with your simpler tasks.

Small and easy to understand tasks are a great way of introducing your VA to your company culture and ethos. Especially if they’ll be helping with your marketing – understanding your voice and the voice of your business is really important. Give them the tools they need to do so!

5. Respect your Virtual Assistant.

As they become more involved in your day-to-day, and as you build a relationship, it’s important to instill a mutual sense of trust and respect. If your VA doesn’t understand something right off the bat, try and explain it a little differently. Trust is the key to open and honest communication, and if you want to get the most out of your VA, they need to feel comfortable enough to communicate with you honestly. 

6. Take your time! 

Rushing things isn’t good for business or your relationship with your VA. Without establishing a channel of open communication. By rushing into everything, your VA is probably feeling overwhelmed, and not comfortable enough to speak up about it. Being consistent and checking in with your VA is essential, as is making sure you know exactly what it is you want your VA to be doing. Both of these things take time to create and understand, and we guarantee you won’t regret it. 

Whatever your industry, Virtual Assistants are a wonderful way of relieving some pressure and freeing up additional time for you to start re-focusing on growing your business, something only you can do. Like all relationships, they take time and sometimes patience to foster, but if you stick with the tips above, you’ll be well on your way to cultivating an honest, open, productive relationship with your new Virtual Assistant. 

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