How to successfully communicate with your VA

“What is the most important element of a successful relationship between client and VA?” We hear you ask!

Without a shadow of a doubt, we answer COMMUNICATION!

You see, the importance of communication can never be underestimated.

The quality of the results you get is largely down to how well you have outlined the tasks you have set. VAs want to do an excellent job for you, there is no doubt about that, but to do their best they need to know exactly what you want from them.

The result of poor communication is sub-standard work, wasted time and wasted money…  nobodies cup of tea.

So, how should I communicate?!

Quality communication is simple:

Your VA is NOT telepathic

Nobody will ever know as much about your business as you do and it pays to remember that. When setting tasks for your VA keep it in mind that they don’t have the inside knowledge that you do, so include detail.

Are there any supporting documents or resources you can include to help your VA understand better?

Maintain an open dialogue

Your VA will have questions, particularly in the beginning. They will want to ensure the work that they do is going to produce the outcomes you desire. Answer their questions the best you can and enjoy the work they produce.

We also advice scheduling in regular catch ups, these provide you both with the opportunity to share progress, exchange ideas and to make sure you are on the same page.

Provide feedback

Has your VA done particularly well on a project? Tell them!

Have they done it wrong? Tell them!

The only way your VA can learn exactly what you want is by providing them with feedback. The more feedback you provide, the better they will do next time.

Utilise communication tools

The boom in remote working has really played to the advantage of improving communications with your VAs. There are now several incredible tools we can use to allow for effortless communications, no matter how far away you are from your VA.

We’ve included a couple of our favourites and how we like to use them:


If you haven’t heard of Slack, we could describe it like the WhatsApp of business but with a whole heap more features. Slack is our go-to for quick communication; file sharing, instant messaging & voice or video calls.


Thanks to lockdown we are all familiar with the joys of Zoom! Sometimes face-to-face (or face-to-screen) action is what is needed. We tend to use Zoom for the bigger meetings and when extra clarity is required.

Such as when we are meeting new clients, during catch-ups and when we’re beginning new projects.


The tool we couldn’t live without. We use Asana for both communication and task management.

In Asana you can delegate tasks, keep track of who’s doing what, add deadlines and files, and communicate directly within projects. And the handy calendar format gives better visual for prioritisation and timelines.

We set up a new client board for each client we have. To this the client is able to add training notes, videos or any additional information to the projects to allow us to best meet your needs.

When you nail your communication, your VA can nail your tasks and the world really is a better place.

And, in the name of good communication… if you have any questions please get in touch, we’d LOVE to answer them!