Is it possible to trust a virtual assistant?

One of the smartest business decisions you can make is to hire a VA who can take on some of your workload enabling you the room to grow and find that work-life balance. It’s smart but it can also be incredibly nerve-wracking.

Understandably, trust is a HUGE factor when it comes to outsourcing. The chances are that you will never meet your VA face-to-face, they will be working totally remotely, yet you’ll have to trust them with sensitive information like passwords confidential data.

So, it is valid question to ask whether you can trust all of that information to somebody you have never met.

Can you?

Absolutely, 100%.

… IF you are sensible and follow procedures.

Have a Non-Disclosure Agreement

An NDA is a legally binding confidentiality agreement. Information shared between the parties must be maintained in secrecy and not disclosed to third parties without official authorisation.

You can also use an NCC (non-compete clause) which means the VA has agreed not to enter into or start a business that is in competition with yours.

Both an NDA and NCC can give you confidence in the fact that the VA will not share your information or use it to compete against you.

Use a password manager

Password managers, such as Lastpass, allow your virtual assistant to securely log into your accounts without ever having to actually know the passwords!

Research potential providers

Just as you’d ask for references for a new employee you can ask for references from a prospective VA, you’ll want to confirm their past performance and reliability.

As well as asking for references you can perform background checks, have a preliminary interview and confirm their skill level.


Communication should probably be at the top of the list! Communication is EVERYTHING. By keeping open communication channels you’ll soon get a sense of the reliability of your virtual assistant.

To make your life easier…

Working with a reputable VA company can take a lot of the stress and worry away from finding a trustworthy VA.

They will have done the legwork in finding knowledgeable, trustworthy individuals, so you can relax in the knowledge that your virtual assistant is pre-vetted and ready to hit the ground running.