Must-do’s for Mindset Maintenance

We LOVE talking about mindset, especially when it comes to how our mindset can effect our business. A strong, healthy mindset is one of THE most important things to maintain. If you’re not operating at your best, neither will your business. So, what can we do to make sure we are at the top of our mindset game, on the daily? Here are a few of our favourite habits and exercises that make a tremendous difference in the way we think, feel and operate, and are absolute must-do’s for mindset maintenance.

  1. Be Conscious
    The first thing we do in the morning – is pay attention. How do you feel? What was the first thing you thought of? How does your body feel? Becoming aware of these few things can help you navigate your morning routine, to give yourself the support you need for the day.

  2. Brain Dumps
    Are THE BEST THING you can do when you just cant seem to make sense of anything! We think about so much, and store everything mostly in our heads. But that isn’t sustainable for your business, and definitely doesn’t help you achieve your goals at light speed! Brain dumps and journaling are an incredible tool that promote self discovery and help free up some of that beautiful big brain, so you can focus on other things! Feeling muddled? Grab some paper and a pen, and just write whatever comes to mind. Even if it doesn’t make sense!

  3. Jump around!
    While you can do this literally, you don’t have to go full tilt. Just make sure your body is getting consistent movement throughout the day. We break up our days up into 90 minute blocks – and in between each 90 minutes, comes a whole lot of moving, jumping, dancing or yoga-ing around. Play your favourite song on loud, think good things and find a movement that works for you!

  4. Limit your time on Social Media
    We know exactly how easy it is to become totally enthralled by the posts, reels and thoughts that other are constantly posting online. Entering a timeless spiral of endless scrolling is exactly what you DON’T need to do – and puts a massive dent in your daily plans if you do. Not to mention how silly you feel afterwards, for wasting so much time! (I’ve had to peel my eyes away from my IG feed to finish writing this blog post, so don’t feel too bad! It happens! Just remember point 1 – BE CONSCIOUS.

  5. Make a list – and prioritise the stuff you DON’T want to do!
    Yeah, we know. Ugggghh. BUT… it works. And helps with more than just getting organised! Dealing with the things you were thinking of procrastinating – FIRST – is a surefire way of securing a feeling of accomplishment at the end of your day. We ALL have things we don’t particularly enjoy doing, or don’t want to do because we know exactly how hard the work will be. Our trick? JUST DO IT! Yes, we know, there might be a sneaker company out there somewhere that doesn’t approve of our using that slogan. But that’s besides the point 😉

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