PA vs VA: Which is best for you?

As similar as these titles sounds, the reality is quite different; from the skillset and experience to the benefit and impact having either a PA or a VA to maintain and grow your business.  Let us break it down for you:

What does a PA do?

We have all heard of personal assistants, but it’s not always clear what they ‘do’.  A PA tends to lean more towards the secretarial-administration of the business.  For instance, they work closely with the manager to help things run smoothly, taking care of the small details which may be otherwise overlooked.  This will include things such as daily coordination of travel, meetings, agendas, note-taking and dealing with various methods of correspondence.  A PA will be highly skilled with lots of admin experience.

What does a VA do?

All the above, albeit perhaps a little more behind the scenes, as well as having the responsibility for a larger scope of varied work.  A VA will not only have this general-office-management experience but also expertise in other specific business areas.  For instance, project management, finance, bookkeeping, accounts, copy write, marketing, social media maintenance and so on.  In short, all the skills which, in a corporate environment, would be broken into separate teams and departments. 

Which is cheaper?

This depends on your individual needs.  Generally, a PA is hired on a full-time basis, the average salary in the UK is about 28k.  You’ll also be paying for holidays and any core benefits that your company offers, as well as sick pay.  The average yearly cost of a VA is determined by what you need.  You can hire a VA for 5 hours a month or 45 hours a month, it’s best to look at what packages your VA offers in terms of what which projects, tasks, on-going or ad-hoc responsibilities you choose to delegate.

How do I know what is best for my business?

Ask yourself these 3 questions question: 

  • Can I carry on as I am and keep my company alive?  
  • Can I carry on as I am and continue to reach my clients?
  • Will these same methods allow me to generate a profit and not lose money?  

If the answers to these three questions are yes, then a PA is the way to go for you.  Your PA will help to maintain your business as your practiced methodologies work well.  If the answer to one or more is no, then it is time to look at a VA to help not only maintain but grow and expand your business.

Moving with the times;

There is no getting away from it, we are in the middle of another national lockdown in the midst of a global pandemic, we have no idea how long this is going to continue.  This means that for our businesses to thrive, we need to embrace change and react to the current situation.  Put simply – if you cannot run your business as you usually would, it is time to consider the possibility of hiring a VA to do exactly that – assist you virtually.  You can outsource, delegate, rely on their expertise and experience and do it all from the very socially distanced chair in your home office.