Remote working: the top 4 benefits

Rewind a couple of years and very few people would have understood much about remote working. However, in the last few years working from home is something many were forced into due to Covid and surprising benefits were discovered.

Many companies now want to continue to enjoy the benefits that come from remote work and continue to offer the option for remote work to employees.

Here are 4 of the most popular benefits:

A better work-life balance

Who wouldn’t want to improve their work-life balance? It feels a like the holy grail we are all striving for, but maybe it isn’t actually that hard to find. Improving your work-life balance is one of the top reported benefits of working remotely.

Firstly, skipping the commute can save some employees hours each day, time they can spend doing things that make them happier. And as a massive added bonus, forgoing the daily commute could save employees £100’s each month and greatly reduce carbon emissions… saving time, money and the environment, what’s not to love?!

Secondly, remote working generally tends to lead to more flexible schedules, allowing employees to work hours that better fit in with their families and lifestyles. Freedom to take the dog for a walk, do the school run or being able to run errands during the day is a huge bonus.

Though it is important to ensure that remote workers are still making a clear distinction between work and family life- with their office now situated at home it can be tempting to log on during time off, this will clearly have a detrimental impact on work-life balance.

Increased productivity

A happy employee is a productive employee. The Harvard Business Review conducted a study and found that remote employees complete almost a whole extra day’s work per week in comparison to colleagues in the office. I’m sure you don’t need me to explain the benefits this will bring for your business!

In an office environment it is very tricky to avoid distractions – a chatty colleague, impromptu coffee breaks and the noise of an open plan office can all easily distract employees from the work they do.

This isn’t to say that there are no distractions when working from home, but remote workers have reported that they are much more productive and greatly value the ability to take breaks that work best for them.

What do you find to be the most effective way of clearing your mind in the middle of a stressful work day? Imagine if it was a 10-minute meditation break or a quick jog around the block, neither of these are particularly easy options when you’re working from the office, however if you’re working from home these suddenly become viable.

Remote working gives employees the power to do what works best for them, and their productivity.

Improved inclusivity

By its very nature, remote working means that as an employer you will not be geographically restricted when it comes to recruiting. You will have access to a far greater talent pool and be able to embrace diversity and inclusion.

Having a remote team means you can overcome the diversity limitations of a local population.

Some individuals will also find working from an office difficult to manage, whether due to personal or family needs. These same individuals may thrive when given the flexibility to work remotely.

Diversity can boost a company’s creativity and success in many ways. Expanding the candidate pool by offering a remote work option will help companies benefit from the experiences, knowledge and skills of many employees they might not otherwise find in a traditional search.

Financial savings

Saving money is clearly a huge perk of remote working and this goes for both you as an employer and your employees.

Your employees can save money on:

  • Commuting costs (fuel, car maintenance, transport tickets, parking…)
  • Purchased lunches and coffees
  • A professional wardrobe
  • Dog sitters
  • Child care

And as an employer you also have incredible saving potential. You could downsize or totally forego your office space; think of the savings you can make on rent, utility bills, office equipment and stationery!

Thankfully, the rapid improvements in software and technology have enabled us to overcome many of the challenges that used to be an issue with remote working. We’re easily able to conduct meetings with colleagues from all over the world!

Our Zest team are passionate about remote working, we love the freedom and flexibility to work in a way that is best for us. And knowing that we have the ability to make the most of our time is unbeatable.

How do you feel about remote working, can you think of any other benefits?