Things small businesses struggle with as they scale

Scaling up – a dream all small and medium-sized business owners share. Although scaling up is essential to business survival and progression, there are many things that small businesses struggle with as they scale. In this article, we’ve put together a few points on how a virtual assistant may be the key to taking your scale-up plan to the next level. 

  1. Customer Dependence – as a business owner, you will know that an entire business can’t rely on the income from just 1 client. Making sure you are actively and consciously networking to increase your client base is a fundamental part of scaling up and creates room to introduce other organisational structures, as you scale. 

The VA Solution – As well as cutting down business costs and overheads, a virtual assistant has both the skills needed and the time available to help network and promote your business. Most VA’s have extensive experience with social media networking and could become a great asset to the scaling-up process within your business by creating new leads and generating interest. 

2. Technology – As technologies change practically at the speed of light, companies need to innovate or they are quickly left behind. Unfortunately, some small business owners began their journey before a lot of these technologies even existed! Implementing new technologies including mobile app development and cloud computing could have an incredible impact on the efficiency and output of your business.

The VA Solution – As Virtual Assistants, our entire work lives revolve around technology and tech trends. Being so heavily involved in an industry that relies solely on tech, VA’s are a great asset when looking to consult someone about how you could be improving your business’ tech game. Whether it’s becoming familiar with new project management apps or a new system for your CRM database, Virtual Assistants usually have a wealth of tech knowledge, that is ready and waiting to be tapped. 

3. Fatigue – believe It or not, you could be getting in your own way when it comes to fatigue and tiredness. A business can only scale as well as its owner is operating, and if you are operating on reserve fuel levels, the process is going to be a lot more painful and frustrating than It really has to be. 

The VA Solution – Outsource, outsource, outsource! Feeling tired and overwhelmed? If you constantly feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, chances are, there aren’t, and you’re probably doing more than you should be. Business owner or not, you still have a responsibility to your business by looking after yourself. Because no you = no business, right? If fatigue is an issue for you, look at your daily tasks and ask yourself, ‘Which things on my list of to-dos could be delegated or outsourced?’. A lot of the time, tasks like checking inboxes, posting on social media and handling new inquiries are extremely time-consuming, but they are also the perfect tasks to begin outsourcing. 

By creating more time for yourself to focus on your business, you’re creating more room and opportunity for your business to scale. Struggling to think of tasks you could be letting go of? Read our article Top 10 Services to Outsource.

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