Top 10 Reasons to Use a Remote Team

Still unsure whether to throw caution to the wind and use a remote team?  Put simply, this is: a group or team of professionals working together for common projects and goals. 

There are so many benefits for you and your business to working with remote teams, here are our 10 favourite reasons!

  1. Better work-life balance = better productivity:

When your workers have a healthy split and more freedom than the average office worker, they are much more likely to do a great job where satisfaction and attention to detail are paramount.  

  1. You can hire a team with a wealth of skills:

The hiring of a ‘face to face’ person tends to be based on a skillset within one remit, e.g. accounts.  A remote team can offer a much more varied pool of knowledge and experience.  This will allow you to streamline your processes. 

  1. Lower costs for you:

Naturally, you will not need to pay for office space, holidays, sick leave, office supplies or travel for your remote team (no overheads).  Also, you only pay for the work you allocate. 

  1. The gift of time:

Your remote team will not run late due to commuting, you won’t need to spend hours in a boardroom discussing a plethora of things because your virtual team will know what they need to do and the best way to achieve your desired results.  You get time back by delegating the tasks you do not have time to do yourself.

  1. Eliminate typical office distractions:

These naturally occur in an office environment, working remotely means that you can set a task and (within reason) set a timeframe in which you want it to be completed, your team will commit to delivery withing that timeframe.

  1. Quick response times:

You may need to complete a weekly task on a Monday, which you seldom have time for and end up completing by Wednesday.  By using a remote team, you can delegate this responsibility and have a much quicker response and turnaround time.

  1. Increased Wellbeing:

There is a growing emphasis on an individual’s wellbeing, before now it wasn’t widely recognised.  It was simply a case of, show up to work, put in the time and go home.  A remote team will tailor their office space to their needs, they have the option for background music, they can wear less restrictive clothing – these things add to a person’s wellbeing and therefore the quality of work they produce is a direct reflection.

  1. Access to the right team members:

You are no longer forced to select a candidate based on the best of a bad bunch who happened to show up for interviews, you no longer need to hire an expensive recruitment agency to find a suitable person.  You can go beyond the confines of geographical convenience; your remote team can be based anywhere in the country or the world. 

  1. A fresh perspective

A new pair of eyes can spot things easily missed when you are looking at the same thing over and over.  By hiring a remote team, you are investing in a fresh perspective and gaining valuable new input.

  1. Who wants to be micromanaged? 

This tends to dull a talented persons creativity and flair – you do not need to micromanage a remote team.  You can still have an overview in terms of the system they use, the times they log and so on, but you can concentrate on getting other things done.


  • Remote employees have more freedom. …
  • Being a remote employee promotes employee well-being. …
  • Remote work equals an increase in productivity. …
  • Working remotely saves companies money.
  • Flexible schedule. …
  • Custom environment. …
  • Cozy clothes. …
  • It’s easier to make calls. …
  • Knock off some weekend to-do’s. …
  • Save money.