Top 10 Services to Outsource

If you ask around, the list of services that you, as a small business, could be outsourcing is endless.  We have narrowed it down to the top ten services you can outsource to your virtual assistant – in our experience, these will have the most beneficial impact on your business.

1 – Travel and diary management

  • booking the right connections (taxi, train etc)
  • ensuring you have transport and a hotel the other end
  • booking phone calls into your diary with your usual clients.  
  • making sure your days are booked out with meetings and customer visits

2 – General administrative tasks (the possibilities are huge)

  • fielding your phone calls 
  • minute taking in meetings 
  • preparing agendas’ and mail outs
  • scanning, cataloguing, the list goes on!

3 – Online research and event management (These two often go hand in hand)

  • researching the best prices if you need to hire a service and going through the logistics
  • creating a databank for comparative purposes / potential sectors for you to contact
  • looking at market competition to keep you current
  • booking services for an event, be it a one off an ongoing task

4 – Marketing and web design (you may not have personal experience in this area)

  • Put your ideas in the hands of the experts and save yourself time, money, and undue stress
  • Go to someone who has the knowledge of website design to target your desired demographic 

5 – Bookkeeping (a term for keeping your records up to date, usually laborious and time consuming)

  • Keeping your records current
  • Meeting filing deadlines 

6 – Blog, content, and copy

  • Today’s climate continually demonstrates that we need that personal touch.  In a world where everything has gone virtual, adding that human element to your website, your mailshots and even your emails is essential for retention and growth.  

7 – CRM / database management (Having clean data is integral to your business)

  • Maintaining accurate, real time data  
  • Hand over the raw data that comes to you via email / post and ask your VA to input it directly into your system

8 – Accountancy / finance and invoice management (whilst you concentrate on other tasks)

  • Management of receipts and expenses
  • Raising invoices for your clients
  • Cataloguing your sundries 

9 – Email management

  • It’s so important that emails do not go unanswered 
  • Delegate these tasks to free up your time
  • You can ask for specific emails to be flagged for your attention 

10 – Social media marketing:

  • Ghosting your twitter updates
  • Creating your Facebook posts
  • Adding Instagram pics
  • Advertising 

These options are just a scratch on the surface, the whole point of outsourcing and delegating your chosen tasks is that you call the shots to make sure that this benefits you the most.