Top services a virtual assistant can offer

Have you looked through all the services that could be available to you?  The truth is the list is endless!  I could sit here and jot down everything you should expect from your VA, every attribute, every skill, but that would not be very helpful to you.  The best place to start is to assess YOUR individual and business needs.  Ask yourself: What tasks need to be done on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis that I do not need to do myself?  What can a VA do for me?  Where could I use additional skills to help grow my business?

Your VA will work with you to ascertain the gaps that need filling and even suggest ways to benefit your business that you had not necessarily have thought of yet.  So, let’s break this down into a brief overview to give you the gist of what you can expect:

General tasks your VA can offer SUPPORT with:

  • What is it that you do? We do it too!
  • Blogging, newsletters, social media hashtags, blurb for your YouTube videos
  • Editing, proof reading, grammar checks, ghost-writing
  • Helping you organise and even write descriptions to sell your Ebay items!
  • Diary management, travel booking, client contact, outgoing/incoming calls, email maintenance
  • Bookkeeping – producing invoices, making sure totals tally, chasing outstanding payments
  • UAT and bug testing, formatting
  • Research – what do you need to know?

General ASSISTANCE your VA can offer you:

  • General Business assistance
  • Customer Service assistance
  • Marketing assistance
  • Finance assistance
  • Project assistance
  • Technical assistance
  • Events assistance

General MANAGEMENT your VA can offer you:

  • All of the above but it means that you can allocate the management of tasks to your VA, delegate the responsibility and sit back and see the results
  • You VA can also manage your online platforms, whether this is date entry, regular updates from ‘you’, client management and so on

General MANAGEMENT your VA can offer you:

It is important to consider what goes on behind the scenes too, you need to know that you can trust the people you work with.  We do not just offer our services and business savvy, but our integrity, our dedication and our commitment to you to get the task done to the best of our ability, within allocated timeframes and within your budget. 

It is true to say that most VAs will have chosen this kind of role to let their skills shine and make sure they are used to achieve actual results.  So, you can rely on good people to do you proud.  What are you waiting for?