Types of services you shouldn’t be doing yourself!

As the owner of a business, there’s no doubt that from the beginning, the majority of responsibility has fallen on your shoulders – even the smallest and most mundane of tasks.

Sometimes, it can be extremely difficult to let go of tasks you have been doing yourself for so long. But most of the time, it’s absolutely essential for business owners to increase their capacity in order to pursue new and beneficial opportunities… which also means, you’ve got to start delegating!

The thing is, as your business, customer base and services expand, it’ll become less possible (and more stressful!) for you to be focussing on all the small, daily tasks that take up large chunks of your valuable time, ultimately having a direct impact on the efficiency and output of your business, as well as your quality of service.

Here is a list of common and general tasks that we believe you shouldn’t be doing yourself, but rather, handing over to your team or outsourcing to professionals.

1. Checking emails, responding to queries & detoxing your inbox (because we know how much pressure that can add to one’s day!).

2. Content Creation of all kinds! From newsletters to social media campaigns.

3. Social media planning and scheduling – It can sometimes be a struggle to think of fresh, new and engaging content, every single week.

4. Call handling – an essential but sometimes frustrating part of any business. Outsourcing your call handling can free up a lot of your time, and you’re team’s time, to focus on more important tasks.

5. Website maintenance – From the nitty gritty bugs and fixes to total re-designs, this is the perfect task to outsource.

6. Transcribing – Have an important topic of conversation or meeting you want to be noted? This is a great way of gathering information and content and doesn’t have to be recorded and transcribed by you. You’ve got so much on your plate already!

7. Blog writing – One of our favourite tasks! You’ll find blog writing is an amazing way to keep in touch and engage with your followers and clients.

8. Venue finding – a sometimes frustrating task, but most of all, very time-consuming. When information isn’t easily accessible or clear, there can be a lot of back and forth, and a lot of time spent on gathering info.

9. Event coordination – liaising with clients, potential clients or vendors in the beginning phases of any event planning process can really become repetitive and take up A LOT of free time.

10. Accountancy / Finance & invoice management – finances are a killer when it comes to consuming precious time! (and energy!) Don’t go in feeling overwhelmed, there are plenty of remote assistants that would be happy to help.

11. Personal Assistance – Normally paid at a salaried rate, hiring in-house Personal Assistants can be expensive and sometimes, very frustrating. Outsourcing things like diary management can save you a whole lot of money, and create more flexibility.

12. CRM database management – Tedious and repetitive but essential to maintaining communication in your company both internally and externally.

All of these things are absolutely essential to running a successful and purposeful business, but not all of them should be your responsibility as your business gains momentum.

Worried about the safety of your business and the potential risk of handing over certain tasks? Read our blog post – Are Virtual Assistants Safe? – for more of an insight into the way Virtual Assistants work.

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