VA vs AI

Virtual assistant vs Virtual AI – the inside scoop

Have you been thinking about getting help to grow and expand your business but find the choices a bit confusing?  AI vs VA, VR vs AR, the list goes on!

We are VAs – real human assistants who work virtually/remotely. AIs are artificial intelligence automation technology, e.g. chatbots. But what are the fundamental differences in capability and what do they mean to you?

Advantages if using a virtual assistant:

  • Human support will be able to complete more tasks independently

  • You create a strong working relationship

  • Scalability – adaptable to your current needs

  • The ability to discuss issues and find solutions and workarounds

  • Online presence – posting on your social media with relevant updates

  • You can outsource things like email management, phone calls, event management, customer contact, bookings, content writing – things that require human interaction

Disadvantages if using a virtual assistant:

  • Most VAs will also have other client commitments (we recommend working with a company that has a team to avoid this issue – like us!)

  • Your VA will take need to take holidays now and again (as above, we recommend you work with a company that has a team)

  • You do need to interview and find the right person with the right skillsets

Advanatges of using AI:

  • Robotic accuracy

  • Unbiased customer service

  • Long term reduced costs

  • Can perform repetitive tasks without compromise

  • AI does not need breaks or holidays

Disadvanatges of using AI:

  • Lack of human contact – machines cannot use ‘their judgement’

  • Costly to set up the service – buying the tech and hiring people to install, troubleshoot and provide training

  • Unlike a human, AI technology does not ‘learn’ or improve with experience

  • Lack of ability to think outside the box with a solution-based approach

  • Your customers may need to rephrase questions several times to get the right answer (causes frustration)

  • Your customers will wait in a virtual queue to ‘speak’ to an adviser